The Impact of Colour in the Workplace

The Impact of Colour in the Workplace

When it comes to the office environment, strategic use of colours can contribute to employee productivity, mood, culture and overall atmosphere.

Workplace colour psychology is often introduced through design elements like wall colours, office furniture and artwork.


Blue Office Workspace

Blue: Often associated with calmness and productivity, making it a popular choice in offices. Suggested as the best colour for promoting efficiency and wellbeing in the office

Green Office Work Space

Green: For a calming and harmonious office environment. Represents nature and balance, promoting a sense of well-being and creativity.

Red Office Work Space

Red: Considered a highly stimulating colour that is associated with power and excitement. Adding a splash of red to the office can boost employee motivation, as long as it is used sparingly, as too much can lead to anxiety and stress. Keep Red to a minimum.

Yellow Office Work Space

Yellow: Considered the colour of creativity, which is why it features often in innovation labs and other creative spaces. Yellow is thought to inspire creativity, making collaboration easier and promoting optimism.

Orange Office Work Space

Orange:  Perceived as cheerful, friendly, and successful. It can promote energy and creativity. You may want to incorporate pops of orange or mix them with more neutral colours to make an impact.

White Office Work Space

White: Symbolizes cleanliness and simplicity, commonly used for a modern, open workspace. In office environments, white makes a space feel bigger and cleaner, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces. It also coordinates well with most other colours, so it can be combined with other colours in a room to make it more interesting. Use white in combination with colours if you do decide to use it.

Grey Neutral Office Work Space

Neutral Tones (e.g. Grey, Beige) convey a sense of professionalism and neutrality. Neutral colours also add a sense of calm to the office space.

Purple Office Work Space

Purple: Represents luxury and creativity, often used in creative industries. Purple is also associated with wisdom, imagination and peacefulness. Try adding touches of purple tones throughout your space to bring these moods into the workplace.

Black Office Work Space

Black: In addition to absorbing natural light, black also denotes power, authority, and control. Black can be intimidating and invoke a sinister atmosphere when there is too much of it. Used sparingly, it can give a room an elegant look. It can be used effectively in a corporate executive suite. 

 Ultimately, the choice of colours in the workplace should align with the company's culture, brand identity, and the type of work being done. It is important to strike a balance that promotes a comfortable and productive environment for employees.


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