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What Is Resimercial Office Furniture In The Workplace?

What Is Resimercial Office Furniture In The Workplace?

The term “Resimercial” Design in the workplace has gained more popularity post-Covid, as NZ workers make the move to hybrid working between their homes and the office.

Resimercial office furniture and office design is a balance of elements from both home and the office with a focus on combatting the cold and the traditional commercial feel of an office space, but instead offering a home-like environment.

The elements of home and office have begun to merge, bringing living room inspired office lounges, café-style meeting places, more casual and comfortable collaborative spaces for teams to meet, office desk spaces with technology to suit the hybrid home/office worker, that is on the move, and a general sense of homely comfort.

For many, work is no longer a rigid separation from home and the office. Modern technology has further served to blur the lines of how and where we work.

Features of Resimercial Design

Work is such an important part of our lives. Why shouldn’t the time we spend there be more comfortable?

If you are thinking about bringing Resimercial design and office furniture into your workplace, keep these key design features in mind:


  • Comfortable seating - Including armchair lounge chairs and modular soft seating
  • Meeting booths, rather than meeting rooms
  • Softer more ambient lighting
  • Flexible spaces for different modes of working – Focused work, collaborative work, casual meeting space, and private or formal meeting spaces….
  • Residential-inspired accessories like rugs, cushions and lamps
  • Commercial upholstery with a more colourful and creative feel


So while flexibility and different spaces for different work activity is not a new concept in office design, the Resimercial workplace environments and technology is becoming top of mind as employees are moving away from individual workspaces in favor of more relaxed spaces — akin to what you might find at home.

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