Haven Solo Pod Booth

Product Description

Office pods, also known as work pods or personal workspaces, have emerged as a popular solution for creating focused and private working environments within shared spaces. Pods can help solve the dilemma of a noisy open office by providing a quiet space free of office distractions.

Our Haven Office Pod Booths are essentially small rooms within other rooms and offer private places where people can make phone or video calls, or simply somewhere to work in silence. They can be easily installed and do not have the disadvantages and high costs of building additional spaces the traditional way - no building consents, disruptions, or unseen costs.


A compact and versatile space designed for the individual with privacy and focus in mind. The Haven Solo eliminates the need for staff to find a quiet room or leave the building. Solo gives them the privacy they need away from distractions while minimizing disruption to the rest of the office. Featuring a built-in laptop table this acoustic pod is perfect for individual work and phone calls.

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Available in Black or White

Application Phone Calls Short Tasks Virtual Meeting
External Dimensions 1075W x 990D x 2300H
Internal Dimensions 945W x 897D x 2170H
Floor Space 1.06
Net Weight (m2 /kg) 300
Sound Reduction (RW+Ctr) 30dB (±5dB)
Reverberation Time (RT) 0.25 (±0.1s)
Ventilation (m3/h) 153
Capacity 1 Person
Table Height (mm) 1050


Our Range of Haven Pods & Booths require professional installation. Installation costs are additional and will be included on your custom quote. Installation Costs may vary dependent on region and access to installation point. Please talk to our team and request a quote today. 

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