Social Policy

Office Products Depot is proud to be independently and operated and with 37 businesses in communities throughout NZ we believe we have an important leadership role in helping improve the sustainability of our customers, suppliers and local communities.

Our core values of integrity and excellence are the drivers to ensure we proactively manage our operations and networks to minimise adverse environmental impacts and deliver positive outcomes for our stakeholders. As a minimum we will comply with all relevant regulation and are committed to continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

We will take the following actions in our key sustainability areas:


Minimise our environmental impacts and prevent pollution. Implement an accredited environmental management system that is lived and breathed throughout all areas or our network and operations.


• Deliver quality, sustainable products and services to our customers.

• Implement a sustainable procurement process and criteria for the five largest selling items. This process will minimise the environmental impact of the manufacture and delivery of the product and maximise the social benefit.

• Provide our customers with simple leadership and advice to reduce their impact on the environment too.


Our people are our greatest natural resource! We work in an environment where our team members know they are making a difference. It's important we all know how we can do our part for the world we live in. We make sure we include sustainability and environmental training for all our existing staff and our newbies.


To contribute to our local community by supporting local causes important to us.


To have authentic open communication with all stakeholders internally and externally regarding our Sustainability and Environmental Policy and impacts.

We are committed to providing positive sustainable outcomes to all our stakeholders whilst minimising the impact on the environment through the implementation of this policy.