Sennheiser Circle™ SC 260 USB CTRL II Binaural Wired Headset

Product Description

Circle™ SC 230 USB CTRL II and SC 260 USB CTRL II are professional wired single-sided (SC 230 USB CTRL) and dual-sided (SC 260 USB CTRL) headsets that connect to a softphone via a USB.

Years of wearing pleasure with metal reinforced headbands and all-around robust and durable design, these headsets were built to last.

Perfect for hot-deaking Sennheiser USB headset adapter cables for CIRCLE™ SC 260 are ideal for contact centers and hot-desking environments with UC or softphones, where users frequently change shifts. The Easy Disconnect plug provides walkaway convenience and allows the headset to detach while putting the call on hold.

Bendable boom arm with its bendable boom arm, your microphone remains in an optimal position for your voice to be picked up clearly, and stays in place without adjustment, all day long. Pivot perfect placement wear it on the right or on the left, it’s up to you. Thanks to its 350° rotation axis, your microphone can always be placed at the angle that suits you best.

Optimized for Unified Communications. Get the most out of your UC solution. All major UC and soft phone brands are supported

With Sennheiser’s in-line call control it’s easy to seamlessly manage your calls: Answer and end a call, turn the volume up or down, mute your microphone and redial your last outgoing call - all from a single unit. With its unique magnetic holder, the call control unit can be positioned firmly on your desk, for fingertip access to call management via the ergonomically designed, intuitive user interface.
Key features:

    Binaural / dual ear
    Sennheiser ActiveGard
    Sennheiser Voice Clarity
    Best in class comfort
    Flexible Microphone Placement


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