Product Description

Meet Gustav, the activity based workers’ new best friend.

Gustav is designed for people in agile offices. It is a portable office toolbox which doubles as a laptop stand. It is light, beautifully-designed, and holds all the work essentials anyone needs, allowing them to set up their workspace in seconds. Gustav allows workers to carry their workspace with them wherever they go, or store it in a locker or shelf in their shared office space.
Customise your Gustav's! Custom engraving of your company logo is available. Great idea as customer corporate gift or for your mobile team.
The laptop stand allows an ergonomically correct posture in a number of different environments, meaning that Gustav doesn’t just help move between spaces, but allows a worker to easily mould to any environment in which they are working.

The real wood finish and curved corners gives Gustav a friendly feel, while the simple minimalist, design invites personalisation, with room for photos, personal notes and storage of personal belongings alongside work items.

A place for all essential office work tools
Laptop stand – Enables an ergonomically correct posture anywhere (Supports 13’’ and 15’’ laptops)
Phone, tablet and notebook stand
Activity-Based-Workers can personalise any space with Gustav
Easy to move around the office – Packs up in seconds
Fits into lockers
Business card holder
A space saving alternative to lockers
Lightweight, only 1.3kg
Product size 410 W x 180 D x 175 H mm
American Oak Veneer & felt. High end materials with a personal touch

It’s good to have a little friend in the office!