Monitor Riser Digitus with 3 Adjustable Heights

Product Description

Adjustable Desk top Monitor Riser 400x280x143mm; max load up to 10kg

The height-adjustable monitor riser enables you to individually organize your workplace. Through the modular design of the feet, you can flexibly increase the height in three steps and put your tablet or smartphone in the front area.

- Easy-to-operate height-adjustable monitor riser
- Triple height-adjustable up to 14.5 cm
- Tablet and smartphone holder in the front area with cable routing
- You have your tablet or smartphone in view at all times
- Maximum load: 10 kg
- The area underneath the riser attachment can be used, for example, for a desktop PC, etc.

With the ergonomic monitor riser, you have an easy-to-use product with which you can individually organize your desk. The modular design of the foot allows you to easily change the height of the holder by adding or removing support elements. In addition, there is a smartphone and tablet holder in the front area with openings for charging or connection cables.

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Excl GST

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