CommBox Pulse

Product Description

Revolutionise the way your business
collaborates, interacts, learns & communicates

Available in a selection of screen sizes:
• 49"
• 65"
• 86"

Purpose Built
Designed for total student engagement

Technology you can rely on
Reliable screens backed by 5 years onsite warranty. Approved by the NSW Department of Education

Over 12,000 Installations
With over 12,000 screens already in schools & businesses across Australia & NZ

12+ Year Lifespan
CommBox screens are still being used 9 years later

Australian Design
Designed in Australia. Trusted Globally

Create endless possibilities and make sharing ideas simple.
Stimulate the senses with stunning visual clarity, rich premium audio and a superior
touch experiences. 

Utilising the same projected capacitive touch technology as your smart phone or personal device, with an impressive, highly responsive 20 points of touch and 1mm object recognition, this next generation project capacitive touchscreen is the pinnacle in collaborative technology. 

Featuring 4K resolution, antiglare glass and
now with blue light eye-care and built in subwoofer, the Pulse V3 is the heart beat of
any meeting room.


Crystal clear 4K display
Exquisite capacitive touch just like your mobile or tablet device
Android onboard
Connect to the cloud
Rich premium sound - screen and speaker in one
Built-in web browser, whiteboard & screen share
OPS Slot and Built in WiFI
5 year warranty
Plug N Play

In-room collaboration
Brainstorm anytime, anywhere. The CommBox Pulse replaces your whiteboard, flipcharts and dated projectors. Utilise the built-in whiteboard or open the browser and use your favourite brainstorming app like Microsoft whiteboard, Jamboard, Stormboard or Miro. Save the collaboration session onto the cloud and share
with team mates.

Virtual collaboration
You might be collaborating in a huddle room and you need to invite a remote team member to collaborate. This is easy with to the Pulse. Simply jump on Zoom or Teams and share the screen. Invite the team member to the brainstorming app and collaborate in real time.

Annotate Everywhere
The Pulse lets you annotate on any content. Grab a stylus pen and make notes on the whiteboard, on the web browser, on any Microsoft application if an OPS is added. Annotation improves understanding and collaboration. Highlight important points, add comments from your teammates and share later.

Hassle-free Video Conferencing
The Pulse is software agnostic. Works with your favourite VC application. Jump on a Zoom, make a call on Teams, kick off a webinar with BlueJeans. The Pulse is hardware agnostics. Works with your chosen VC hardware. Add a USB camera, connect to a unified communications bar, add a wireless microphone or connect to the in-room VC

Preparing for return to the Office
The Pulse gives you flexible options as you consider the best ways to return to the office. In the future, all offices will require different kinds of spaces to facilitate blended working, where some members of the team will be in the office while
others are working remotely.

SIGNAGE when the screen is not being used
The Pulse can double as a digital sign. Simply install the CommBox signage app or add signage of your choice and the Pulse can display digital signage content when not in use.

Seamless Screensharing with touch back
The Pulse enables two way mirroring that enhances collaboration in business and
team meetings. Share from your laptop or mobile device, without the need for video
cables interconnecting the devices. The Pulse screenshare has instant touch control, simply jump up the screen and start controlling your device from the Pulse. Up to 4 split screens Four remote devices can be connected to the Pulse at once. Allow 4 members of the team to contribute their ideas simultaneously.

The Pulse is designed for organisations looking for the incredible natural writing style offered by capacitive touchscreens but also wanting an affordable and flexible interactive collaboration solution.

The Pulse can be used with any platform, including Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android and iOS devices.

The Pulse runs Android giving you the flexibility to access the Annotate Everywhere, one touch educational tools and a comprehensive whiteboard all accessed from the side menu at anytime.

The Pulse is hardware agnostic and comes with a full I/O board which allows the Pulse to connect and integrate with critical hardware components needed to meet the demands of modern conference rooms and collaboration spaces. The enables your AV
and IT team to set up the configuration that works best for your organisation.

The Pulse gives the flexibility to add the camera that suits the room. For example, your room maybe small and to maximise the space you need a camera with a 180 degree view like the Jabra Panacast. Or you may need a camera that pan, tilts and zooms like the CommBox VC kit. Simply connect the camera of your choice via USB to the Pulse.


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