Cloud Factory Hosted Telephony Solution

Product Description

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 Cloud Factory is proud to offer the New Zealand market a built for business Cloud Voice Solution. It is designed to empower businesses with a truly feature-rich and highly reliable Coud Voice solution.

Making the decision to move your telephony service into the Cloud provides businesses with many benefits including a more efficient workforce, a flexible working environment and future-proofed growth partnership.

Selecting your Cloud Partner is an important decision as the requirements that your business has today, will most likely change tomorrow. Cloud Factory is a great choice as we can provide a host of advanced features and customisable benefits normally only available with an on premise solution, ensuring your businesses requirements are met today, and tomorrow.

Our Voice solution will provide each business user a state of the art IP Deskphone, feature-rich PBX functionality, fantastic calling rates and a high quality business grade telephony service manageable via an online portal.

Cloud Factory can provide a host of specialised services including a full Contact Centre solution, Disaster Recovery planning and Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync integration.

There is no commitment to a certain number of voice channels either, any voice connected handset will always have a line available.

Whether you are a small business looking to grow, a large business looking to streamline or a multi-site business wanting to operate as a single site, Cloud Factory has a purpose built solution to fit.